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Welcome to the Punch Needle Party!

Hello and welcome to all those who know me and those who’ve stumbled upon me!

So for those who don’t know me, I’m Sara Moore owner of Whole Punching, a confessed punch needle addict living and crafting in Bristol (#southwestisbest). I’ve been punching for approximately two years now and have recently become a full-time puncher. (Just a little FYI – there are many innuendos involved with punch needle embroidery, no I’m not sorry, if that’s the only way I can get a laugh I’ll take it). I sell punch needle kits, punch needle supplies, run workshops and create bespoke home textiles.

What’s all this ‘punching’ chat?

Punch needle embroidery a.k.a the dream hobby, is a craft traditionally used to make rugs but in it’s modern form is used to create a wealth of textile goodness. You can create anything from wall hangings, cushions and rugs, to plant pot holders, door stops and even jackets (check out Micah Clasper-Torch’s glorious creations). The possibilities really are endless. It’s a rhythmic craft which works up quickly, great for those impatient hobbyists and those with limited time. Unlike knitting or crochet, there’s no need to worry about which row you were on; punch needle in nature is easy to pick up and put down. At home with a new born baby? This is the craft for you! I find even a short 10-15 minute burst of punch needle can leave me feeling relaxed. Need a craft to fill that commuting time? Well look no further! Punch needle is accessible and portable meaning you can take it on the train, bus, tube and make that commuting time count.

What Whole Punching can do for you (cue man with a large pointing finger).

Many, many things; nearly all of which are punching related. Punch needle embroidery is a textile craft which is currently having a resurgence, especially outside of America where it has always been popular. As with new up-and-coming crafts, you’ve got to be a ninja to find your supplies or work out how to do something. I’ve spent a lot of time researching the craft and the best materials to use. I am now sharing this punch needle love with any who will listen!

I have created complete beginner punch needle kits which include a frame ready stretched with monks cloth (not made by monks but equally as sacred), design drawn on, punch needle, a selection of quality yarn and full instructions on how to punch. Don’t worry if you’ve got your own plans for world domination…or textile design, I also sell all the materials individually as well as blank DIY kits.

Grab some friends, hang out and come to a Whole Punching workshop.

I run punch needle craft workshops throughout the South West, predominantly in Bristol and Bath. Usually held in a glorious, creative environment, workshops are a relaxed fun affair. In a small group you will learn how to use a punch needle and create different textures within your piece. You’ll then make a start on your own piece of textile art for your home. The time flies and I often receive photos later the same day from attendees that couldn’t wait to get home and finish their wall hanging. Check out my upcoming dates and get booking. Can’t make a date, don’t worry I’ve got you…

Have punch, will travel…for a private punch needle party!

Would you love to attend a punch needle workshop but can’t make any of the dates? I also run private punch needle parties either in attendees’ homes or a location of your choosing. I normally have a minimum of six attendees but can increase this to ten. A private punch needle workshop works well if you’ve little ones at home and struggle to get time away to learn a new craft; bring the instructor in. If you want to provide some tea and cake that is always most welcome! I find the workshops so enjoyable to teach and always receive positive feedback from participants. I am happy to run custom workshops so if there are a group of you with a specific design in mind e.g. a group of new mums (or dads!) who want to make cute wall hangings for a nursery or a hen-do making aubergine shaped wall art just give me a shout. Kids are most welcome also! I run workshops for children aged ten and upwards. It’s a great way to keep them entertained for two and half hours and they make something to take home at the end of it.

I want to fill my home with bespoke, custom designed punch needle textiles.

That’s me (above) but hopefully you do too. I love to punch, especially if that means making a yummy textile for someone to have and to hold, in their home, forever. Custom cushions make a fantastic statement and can really bring together colours and patterns within a room. I work with customers to create a unique design that compliments their interior aesthetic. Let’s chat and get that design nailed down.

I just want to buy a gift for my crafty friend!

If you’ve found this blog because you’re looking for a gift for that friend/relative who:

  • loves learning a new craft
  • wants to shop local and support small businesses
  • appreciates high quality, unique presents

Then you’re in the right place, you’re sorted. My complete beginner punch needle kits include everything to get started and create your own piece of punch needle, textile art. But don’t just trust what I’m saying, Sara Barnes of the infamous Brown Paper Bag blog featured me in her post about punch needle kits and Etsy put me in their 30 day gift-giving guide. (Sometimes you’ve just got to listen to the professionals.)

Thank you punching pals!

Thanks for making it this far down, it’d be really great to know that someone has actually read this (apart from my mum, hi mum!) so you’d like to stay updated with all my punching news subscribe to my mailing list via the button below. I promise not to spam you, it’ll just be used for important punch needle updates.

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