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Botanical gift ideas for Mother’s Day that don’t require green fingers

by Sara Moore - 24 February 2023

Fern punch needle hoop in sage green with small ceramic vase

Finished Fern punch needle hoop

I’m not sure what it is but the older I get, the harder I’m finding it to buy presents for people. For parents in particular it can be quite tricky to get it right as they’ll often have everything they need already.

I try to pick out new things but sometimes find myself falling back onto old favourites. For women, I feel like we can end up being gifted the same types of presents for every occasion.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very partial to a bunch of flowers, a pretty candle or some luxurious toiletries; but the flowers don’t last forever, the candle will eventually burn down and there’s only so many Boots toiletry sets that you can use in one lifetime.

I have also definitely been guilty of gifting things that I like, that others may not be keen on. I love plants, am always trying to propagate my own and have often given them as gifts. But for those who aren’t keen gardeners, looking after them might be the last thing they want to do.

This doesn’t mean that you should rule out botanical gift ideas. It just means you might want to cast your net a little bit wider and choose something that doesn’t require green fingers.

Celebrating women on Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day

We have two days coming up where you might want to buy something nice to celebrate the wonderful women in your life. First up is International Women’s Day on Wednesday 8 March, followed by Mother’s Day (in the UK) on Sunday 19 March.

If you are looking for something a bit more creative than a bunch of flowers and want to give a botanical present that will last, why not get crafty? You can make your own gift or give them something they can make, learning a new skill and carving out some time for themselves. Taking time to pause can at times feel like a real luxury.

Botanical inspired craft kits that are perfect for gifting

Here is my roundup of botanical inspired craft kits that would make great gift ideas for Mother’s Day, International Women’s Day or just to let someone know you are thinking of them. No green fingers required.

Fern punch needle hoop kit in pink box, next to a potted plant

Fern punch needle hoop kit in box, ready for gifting

Stitching me Softly’s Easy Peasy Pot Crochet Kit

With spring just round the corner some people might be thinking about baby plants and this crochet kit is perfect for making cute crochet baskets you can hang on a wall. It includes everything you need to make your own pot including recycled cotton cord, bamboo crochet hook, crochet pattern, how to crochet guide and stitch marker. Quick and easy to make, these would look just as cute as a storage pot for your craft tools.

Stitching me Softly is an independently owned crafting company proudly based in Bristol, UK. Founded by Emma Bassey, a lady on a mission to share beautiful and sustainable craft kits with kids, teens and adults.

Small green crochet easy peasy pot by Stitching me Softly

Easy peasy pot kit by Stitching me Softly

La Basketry’s Twine Basket Kit

This twine basket is the perfect size for storing those little ‘bits’ that accumulate by the side of the bed.

Pop all those tiny things designed to be lost between the bedframe and mattress into your own handmade twine basket. Designed for beginners, basket lovers and colour enthusiasts this project will take approximately 2.5 – 3 hours to make. The kit is beautifully presented and includes cotton rope, twine in two colours, needle, peg, written instructions and a tutorial video.

Founded in 2017 by Tabara and Mamy, La Basketry wants to celebrate all things woven – be it inspiring you to weave and craft your own creations or to purchase a beautiful piece made by a skilled artisan.

Twine Basket Kit with finished basket, tea and vase

Twine basket kit by La Basketry

Whole Punching’s Fern Hoop Punch Needle Kit

It wouldn’t be a crafty, botanical roundup without the inclusion of a Whole Punching punch needle kit. Combining my two loves of craft and plants, this Fern Punch Needle Hoop Kit has long been my top bestseller.

Perfect for complete beginners and those new to punch needle, when finished the Fern Hoop will look beautiful as part of a gallery wall or propped on a shelf. A great introduction to the craft of punch needle and fit for a plant lover.

Whole Punching is a cosy one stop shop for everything punch needle - from modern beginner punch needle kits and wool rug yarn to fabric, tools and punch needle workshops.

Whole Punching welcomes beginners, experts and everyone in between to embrace a slower-paced, sustainable lifestyle through contemporary craft, as I provide high quality materials and guidance along the way. All supplied with a friendly service, by me (Sara), from my base in Coventry.

Twine Basket Kit with finished basket, tea and vase

Fern hoop punch needle kit by Whole Punching

Mary Elizabeth Flowers Spring Wreath Making Kit

If you’re looking for a twist on the traditional gift of flowers then this Spring Wreath Making Kit could be just the job. Embrace the new season and handmake your own wreath to hang in your home and enjoy all year round.

This complete kit contains all the materials and guidance you need to create your own joyful decoration for spring and easter, using real dried flowers, foliage and grasses. All you will need is a pair of scissors.

Mary, the founder of Mary Elizabeth Flowers, is a trained florist who discovered an affinity for dried flowers. She creates expertly and professionally made floral accessories to be worn and to decorate your home using dried flowers.

Hands tying string around flowers on a handmade wreath

Spring wreath kit by Mary Elizabeth Flowers

I’ve made both the Easy Peasy Crochet Pot and the Twine Basket and thoroughly enjoyed them. Best of all, I’ve now got the tools and instructions to make extras. Both Emma and Tabara sell additional materials so when you’ve made the kit once you can always go back for more.

I hope this roundup of botanical crafty gifts helps to inspire you for Mother’s Day and any other gifting occasions you may have coming up.

 Lots of love, Sara x

Flaming tulip beginner punch needle kit

Modern beginner punch needle kits

Full range of modern, beginner punch needle kits. Suitable for complete beginners and those new to punch needle, with a couple reserved for those who like a little challenge.