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Punch needle blog - news, tips and tricks

  • Five punch needle projects to make this autumn from my book, Weekend Makes: Punch Needle

    My book Weekend Makes: Punch Needle came out three years ago. It was quite a challenge to think up 25 different punch needle projects. Here are my top five projects from the book that I think would be great to make this autumn.
  • Four top tips for making your own punch needle rugs

    There are so many lovely rugs available in shops but if you want to put a more personal stamp on your home, making your own punch needle rug is a great way to do it. With four simple supplies, some time and a little patience, you could have a new rug for your home. Here are my four top tips for making your own punch needle rugs.

  • What materials should you use for making a punch needle rug?

    Mini rugs are extremely satisfying projects. Small enough to be completed within a day or two, they don’t use a large amount of materials, are big enough to feel like you’ve achieved something and are manageable enough not to be overwhelming.

    One of the questions I get asked the most from those new to punch needle, is what materials you should use to make a punch needle rug.
  • Five years of Whole Punching: running a small, independent craft business in the UK

    Welcome to a whistle stop tour of the last/first five years of Whole Punching. I don’t tend to do a yearly roundup however, five years feels monumental and worth taking some time to reflect on running my small business.

    Whilst I’m all for celebrating the wins and patting myself on the back I also really value the small business community, I’ve learnt so much from helpful business owners and therefore I wanted to include some sources of small business knowledge too.
  • What to make when it’s warm: Five punch needle projects to keep you crafting through the summer months

    Part of me wants to embrace the warmer months that are coming and make summery projects. The other still wants to hunker down and make rugs. Whiche...
  • A guide to punch needle tools in 2023

    Back in 2019 I wrote a blog post on ‘which punch needle tool to use’. In the last four years the range of punch needle tools available to buy has broadened hugely and I decided it was time for an update. The rise in popularity of punch needle has meant that there is now a much wider variety of tools to choose from, but with increased choice it can sometimes be harder to pick the right one.

    Rather than go through every single different punch needle tool available I’m going to give you my recommended highlights. As well as discussing the benefits of each tool I’ll also give you some ideas of what materials are best to be used with them.
  • The Good, the Bad and the Rugly: What to consider when making a punch needle rug

    You’ve been playing with punch needle for a while. You’ve made some hoop wall hangings, dabbled with coasters and maybe even upgraded your interior with some cushions, but have you tackled a larger project? Making a punch needle rug might seem daunting but if you’ve completed some smaller projects and feel confident to move onto something bigger it’s a great thing to try.
  • Deciding on a suitable frame or hoop for your punch needle project

    One of the core components needed for punch needle is a suitable frame or hoop on which to make your project. What project you are making will impact the frame or hoop that you should choose.
  • International Punch Needle Rug Hooking Day 2023

    Each year punch needle enthusiasts come together to share their love for punch needle. This year the day to celebrate is Saturday 1 April 2023. The theme for this year is Friendship. I shall be doing a 'punch-a-long' live on my Instagram at 15:00 GMT of this years' pattern.
  • What is the difference between monks cloth and aida?

    One of the most common questions I get from people who are just starting out is about the difference between monks cloth and aida. Monks cloth and aida are both two types of fabric used for crafting. Traditionally monks cloth is used for rug making crafts such as punch needle and rug hooking whereas aida is used for cross-stitch embroidery.
  • Botanical gift ideas for Mother’s Day that don’t require green fingers

    If you are looking for something a bit more creative than a bunch of flowers and want to give a botanical present that will last, why not get crafty? You can make your own gift or give them something they can make, learning a new skill and carving out some time for themselves. Taking time to pause can at times feel like a real luxury.
  • A free Valentine's Day punch needle craft project

    With a multitude of possibilities, what will you use your punch needle hearts for? Create your perfect Valentine’s tablescape and use your hearts as napkin ring holders or why not level up your accessories with a brooch, hair slide or key chain. Display your love all year round or save it for that special occasion.