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  • Three years of Whole Punching

    Three years of Whole Punching, how did we get here and what has happened along the way. Buckle in, it's a long one...
  • Punch needle tutorial: How to prepare a hoop for punching

    A step-by-step punch needle tutorial for beginners on how to prepare an embroidery hoop with monks cloth for punching. Easy way to prepare a hoop for your punch needle wall hangings.
  • A beginners’ guide to punch needle fabrics

    A brief overview of the different qualities of punch needle fabrics that are available in the UK. Fabrics may have different names so it can be difficult when purchasing, therefore referring to the qualities of fabric will help to you choose your punch needle foundation fabric.

  • The best punch needle fabric a.k.a monks cloth

    If you're confused about monks cloth, want to know what you're looking for when buying it and how to get a perfectly straight line, then this is the blog for you.
  • The power of punch needle

    How to find some calm in the chaos with learning how to punch needle. A modern take on a traditional craft which has restful, mindful properties and can help to improve your mental wellbeing.
  • Modern yarn craft kits for Mother's Day 2020

    The craft movement is strong and there are a range of delightful yarn kits for the modern crafter, for all levels of abilities. Here's our round up of our favourite modern craft kits, from small independent makers.
  • Mollie Makes / Whole Punching punch needle IKEA hack rug!

    Whole Punching punch needle IKEA hack rug for Mollie Makes magazine, issue 115!
  • Shopping locally in Bristol this Christmas

    Places to shop locally, supporting small businesses, in Bristol this Christmas
  • Oxford punch needles

    Amy Oxford punch needles are now in stock at Whole Punching!
  • Which punch needle tool to use

    Punching supplies can you leave you feeling a little dazed and confused, that’s why I’ve put together this little post to show you a few of the different punch needle tools that I use and the corresponding fabric and yarn that you can use with them.
  • Welcome to the Punch Needle Party!

    My first punch needle blog post! It tells you a bit more about me and my business, Whole Punching.