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Punch needle threaded with snips
Threaded punch needle and yarn
Punch needle threaded with monks cloth hoop
Punch needle loops
Punch needle loops
Mustard punch needle loops
Lavor adjustable punch needle
Punch needle threaded with yarn and hoop
Punch needle threaded resting on top of wooden dish

Lavor 5mm adjustable punch needle

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Want to try out punch needle but don't know where to start? This adjustable punch needle tool is great for beginners, allowing you to create lots of texture with just one needle. The punch needle has seven different settings, each one creates a different loop height. This is the needle if you want to create projects using chunky / thick yarn. 

The punch needle uses bulky (5) weight (such as thick, chunky) and some super bulky (6) yarn (like super chunky) as shown in the photos. For making durable projects I would recommend using with 100% rug yarn. For a foundation fabric, the needle works perfectly with linen fabric and monks cloth. The fabric needs to be a loose weave to allow the punch needle to move through it, a tighter weave will be difficult to punch and could result in holes in the fabric.

If you have any medium (4) weight yarn (such as aran / worsted) left over from knitting or crochet projects you can double or triple this up and use in the punch needle. Punch needle is the perfect craft for using up leftover scraps of yarn.

  • Recycled plastic handle
  • Outside diameter of the metal needle is 5.5 mm
  • Internal size is approximately 5 mm
  • Length of the metal needle is 123mm
  • Made in Europe
  • similar in diameter to regular Oxford punch needles


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Perfect punch! Very fast delivery to me, thank you!


great, high quality punch needle :)


I have never used a tool like this before so it took a little time to get the hang of it. It is very good for chunky wool and did what I needed it to. I made my project go faster. I highly recommend.


Haven't used yet but seems quality.Hoping it will help when I needle punch.What I like about this business is they give advice and want to help you to learn this craft.