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Lavor punch needle tools

by Sara Moore - 24 June 2022

Three Lavor punch needle tools on a small wooden dish, fabric just coming into shot in the corner

All three sizes of the Lavor punch needles

Lavor are one of the most popular producers of punch needle tools. Their punch needles are easy to use, great for beginners, affordable and come in a range of different sizes. All punch needles are made in Europe and feature handles made from recycled plastic making them a sustainable choice. If you're not sure which is the right punch needle for you, read on...

Different sizes of Lavor punch needle

Lavor punch needles come in three different sizes:

- Lavor fine punch needle
- Lavor 4 mm adjustable punch needle
- Lavor 5.5 mm adjustable punch needle

All the needles are made in Europe and come with their own storage pouch and threader. Threaders are made from fine, flexible wire. If you happen to lose your threader (down the side of the sofa is where mine usually end up!) it's easy to make another one using jewellery beading wire.

Lavor fine punch needle set

The Lavor punch needle set includes three different needle tips allowing you to use a range of different fibres from embroidery floss to aran weight yarn. This is a great punch needle set for exploring different textures and creating pieces with finer detail. The handle of the punch needle is lightweight and comfortable to use. This is a good needle for beginners to punch needle as it is small and easy to control. Working on a small project when you're learning is a great way to get started.

The sizes of the needle tips are:
- Small - 1.5 mm diameter, use with 1 - 3 strands of embroidery floss and tightly woven cotton fabric
- Medium - 2.5 mm diameter, use with all six strands of embroidery floss and tightly woven cotton fabric
- Large - 3 mm diameter, use with aran weight yarn and either monks cloth or linen fabric

You can make a range of projects with this punch needle from coasters, baubles, hoop wall hangings to cushions. Completing a cushion or larger project with this punch needle will take you longer as it is a fine needle. If you want to make cushions or rugs it's probably better to use one of the other Lavor needles e.g. the 4 mm adjustable punch needle or 5.5 mm adjustable punch needle.

Lavor fine punch needle with it's extra needle tips

Lavor fine punch needle set

Lavor 4 mm adjustable punch needle

An adjustable punch needle tool for medium weight yarns. This needle sits in between the Lavor 5.5 mm adjustable and the Lavor fine punch needle set in terms of thickness. It is adjustable with seven different loop heights allowing you to create a range of textures with one needle.

Lavor 4 mm adjustable punch needle

Lavor 4 mm adjustable punch needle

Use this punch needle with medium (4) weight yarn such as worsted weight. This punch needle works really well with the West Yorkshire Spinners Re:Treat yarn. Although the yarn looks fairly thick as it is a roving yarn and very soft it squashes and flows smoothly through the punch needle. This needle and the Re:Treat yarn is perfect for making soft cushions like the one below.

This punch needle requires a loosely woven cloth as opposed to the fine needle. Use this needle with linen punch needle fabric or monks cloth.

Shapes punch needle cushion in grey and white

Lavor 5.5 mm adjustable punch needle

One of the most popular punch needles this adjustable punch needle tool is great for beginners, allowing you to create lots of texture with just one needle. The punch needle has seven different settings, each one creates a different loop height. This is the needle if you want to create projects using chunky / thick yarn. 

Hand holding Lavor 5.5 mm adjustable punch needle

Lavor 5.5 mm adjustable punch needle

Use this punch needle with bulky, chunky (5) weight yarn and some super chunky (6).

This punch needle goes so well with the 100% wool rug yarn. The chunky yarn moves freely through the needle and allows you to create hardwearing projects such as rugs. It's also great for making punch needle cushions and bags. Use this needle with monks cloth fabric which is strong enough to withstand punching with a more coarse yarn.

Scallop punch needle cushion

Scallop punch needle cushion kit

The Lavor punch needles are a good choice for beginners and those new to punch needle. Decide what project you'd like to make and then choose your needle accordingly. Hope this helps and if you've got any comments or questions just let me know.

Sara x

Lilac and dark grey coasters styled with books and dried flowers in warm pink tones

Lavor punch needle collection

The complete set of all three Lavor punch needles, all with instructions on how to thread presented in a Whole Punching drawstring bag for handy storage.